What is LCD GLASS?

2018-06-08 18:32:34 79


1, The common explanation:

 LCD GLASS is LCD panel that is widely used in mobile phones, LCD, LCM and other production processes. Is composed of two glass sheets laminated together, the middle is LCD, the lower plate is TFT circuit, the board is RGB and subsidiary structure, Glass is called a glass substrate when the lcd production, which not been cut is called Glass, a process finished  cutting  called CELL.


2, Professional explanation:

 LCD GLASS can be divided into TN, VA, IPS, CPA and many other types. Can largely determine the brightness of the LCD display, contrast, color, viewing angle and speed the development of LCD panel soon , the part of LCD panel with liquid crystal displays are very closely linked, its production and market environment, the pros and cons variety of factors related tothe quality of  the liquid crystal display , price and market trends, as an LCD display for about 80 percent of its costs are concentrated in the panel.

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