3-85inch Olian Automatic LCD Laser repair machine for TV Repair,cell phone repair,glass repair, screen repair,iphone repair,samsuang repri,mobile repair,screen repair,

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3-85inch Olian Automatic LCD Laser repair machine for TV Repair,cell phone repair,glass repair, screen repair,iphone repair,samsuang repair,mobile repair,screen repair,

For LCD/LED TV Screen Repair

*LCD Panel 3-85inch

*Fix LCD Problems upto 98%

*No Consumable Like ACF Tape,COF,ACF Remover Requiry,

*Fast and Accurate Repair

*High-Energy Laser

*Using Different Wavelengths

*Support LCD Pixel upto 4K,

*Support IPS, TFT, OLED series LCD panel, bright spot line repair, 

*Repair Bad Phenomenon: Bright Spots, Dark Spots, Off Half Line,  Vertical Color Line, Vertical Color Black Line, Single Vertical Black Line, Double Vertical Line and so on.

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This machine is suitable for IPS, TFT, OLED series LCD panel, bright spot line repair, for panel size up to 65 inches. Repair bad phenomenon: bright spots, dark spots, off half line, vertical color line, vertical color black line, single vertical black line, double vertical line and so on.


The main purpose:

The electrical inspection in the optical inspection can only negatively identify the location of the pixel defect, and the purpose of the laser repair is to further hope that the defective part can be corrected so that the original screening is to discard the wasteful product , Repair into an acceptable product. To the current acceptable product standards, the first is absolutely no cable defects; Secondly, many products are "no bright spot guarantee", so there can not be a pixel is always bright spots, but can accept a few degrees of dark spots. So the object of laser repair is based on line defects and highlights.


Laser repair method:

Fusing: In the presence of two layers of metal across each other, with the appropriate energy and wavelength of the laser, can be opened and welded together, so that the two are not connected to the formation of short-circuit electrodes. In the design to consider the size of the overlap area and its surrounding and other metal distance. In addition to single-layer metal wiring, with the appropriate energy and wavelength of the laser, the metal can be opened and cut off the original wiring. In the design of the need to consider the size of the width and its surrounding and other metal distance.


The main parameters

 Laser system

Laser Type: LD LASER (US Import)

Model:  LASER-20MW

Wavelength: 1064nm IR / GR (wavelength optional)

Pulse width: 8ns

Frequency: 0-20Hz

Maximum energy output: 30uj

Output Parameter Stability: ± 10%

Spot size: square / long adjustable

Minimal spot: 2.5um * 2.5um (50 times objective lens)

Spot size adjustment range: 50X MAX-24um * 24um

                                           Min-2.5um * 2.5um

                                           20X MAX-60um * 60um

                                           MAX-3um * 3um


Microscopic imaging system

Model: lens - 4

Imaging lens: IR / GR antireflective film

Objective: 5X (APO), 10X (APO), 20X (NIR),50X (NIR)

Objective switch: electric

CCD Brand: Hitachi, Japan

CCD pixels: 2 million images

Display: 17 inch 1920 * 1080

Image capture card brand and model: Maien


software system

control function:

1. Laser energy, frequency, wavelength switching, spot size adjustment and storage

2. Workbench movement, processing status parameter display

3. Microscope switch control

4. Save 200 kinds of processing parameters

5. Computer: Gigabyte motherboard hard drive 0G 4G memory intel CPU E5200


machine Structure

Material: sheet metal frame

Dimensions: L1560mm * W1400mm * H1700mm

Worktable size: 890mm * 1540mm

XY axis travel: 1200mm * 630mm

Z-axis travel: 100mm

XYZ axis moving speed: high speed  10mm / s low speed: 2mm / s

       Manual fine-tuning: 0.25mm / 260 degrees

XYZ axis movement accuracy: ± 0.02mm

XYZ axis fine-tuning part: pulse hand wheel

Platform surface: mat high strength glass

XY motor: Panasonic servo motor

Z-axis motor: Panasonic servo motor

Z-axis guide: oil-free rail

Sports control card brand and model: solid high

Guide screw brand Model: Taiwan on the silver V15 P-class WIWIN double-track ball screw

Appearance Paint Coloring: Gray / Green Varnish (Clean)

Cantilever structure: marble structure

Display holder: Adjustable front and rear swing

Damping: air cushion suspension


Electrical parts

Operation keyboard function:

1, 4 micrometer switch button

2, speed 4 gear switch

3, XYZ axis coarse adjustment, fine-tuning

4, according to light source brightness adjustment

5, start the power switch

6, start button

7, laser energy make up the knob (with a protective cover) first with

8, emergency stop


With safety off light

The front door of the upper right abnormal emergency stop switch and alarm lights

Input power: single-phase AC 220V 50-60Hz 10A

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