• What is OLED?

    What is OLED?OLED, including passive-matrix organic light-emitting diode (PMOLED) and active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED), is a technology that organic materials emit light under the a

    2018/11/05 74

  • What is the LCD panel?

    What is the LCD panel1, The popular explanation:Type LCD panel used in digital watches and clocks, and many a display type of portable computer.LCD display to use two pieces of polarized materials, is

    2018/06/08 93

  • What is LCD GLASS?

    What is LCD GLASS1, The common explanation: LCD GLASS is LCD panel that is widely used in mobile phones, LCD, LCM and other production processes. Is composed of two glass sheets laminated togethe

    2018/06/08 79

  • What is the ITO

    What is the ITO 1, The popular explanation:  IndiumTinOxide, generally referred to as ITO.ITO thin film is a kind of n-type semiconductor material, high conductivity, high transmittance of visibl

    2018/06/08 75

  • What is the IPS?

    What is the IPS. 1, The popular explanation: IPS is a kind of liquid crystal display screen, it is mainly used for all kinds of LCD products, TV, display, mobile phone, etc. 2, Professional expla

    2018/06/08 43

  • What is the HOTBAR?

    What is the HOTBAR1, popular explanation:HOTBAR soldering, namely pulse is mainly used in LCD, PDP, mobile phone, etc. To welding of plastic or thin film pressure between two heating element, make the

    2018/06/08 61

  • What is a hot press?

    What is a hot press1, The popular explanation:Hot press is also known as the bonding machine2, Professional explanation:Hot press can be divided into soldering, ACF, guide electrical tape), ACP, guide

    2018/06/08 48

  • What is the COB

    What is the COB1, The common  explanation: Is a kind of use in the flat display industry, such as, LCD screen, electronic paper production process, using ACF conductive adhesive as the media

    2018/06/08 56

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