Olian Bonding machines Catalog

2021-05-15 11:52:15

Olian Bonding machines Catalog

Products include: Full automatic COG/COF/COP bonding machine (including loading, plasma cleaning, COF blanking, ACF attachment, COG/COF/FOP pre-bonding, COF/COG/FOP main bonding, etc.)+ Fully automatic FOG/FOB/FOF bonding machine (ACF attaching, FOG/FOB/FOF bonding, discharge line), ACF attaching series, Plasma terminal cleaning series, single and multi-sided COG/COF bonding series , Single-stage and single-side multi-stage FOG/FOB/FOF bonding (constant temperature/pulse) series, OGS/On Cell/In Cell hot pressing series, OLB bonding series, COF blanking and other non-standard equipment and intelligent chemical plants The overall solution, etc.

Small size within 7 inches Fully automatic feeding+cleaning+ACF+detection+COG/COF/FOP+FOG/FOB/FOF binding line + COF blanking line+......

15.6-inch medium size screen ACF attaching + COG/COF/COP pre-bonding + final bonding + FOG/FOB/COF bonding

7-inch/12-inch small size screen ACF attaching+ COG/COF pre-bonding + COG/COF final bonding + FOG/FOB hot pressing bonding

COF screen Flexible screen Curved screen Bonding machines

Large size 13-120inch LCD screen LCD TV screen Repair bonding machine Pulse heat press machine COF bonding machine FOG FOB heat press machine COF heat press machine Manual repair equipment

More products, sizes, non-standard customization. . . . . .