ACF attaching machine OL-A003

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  • 型号:
  • 型号: OL-A003

ACF attaching machine OL-A003

1. Machine function:

1. 1 This equipment is a manual ACF attaching machine, which can paste conductive film (ACF) on LCD (or FPC), LCD (or FPC)

The pick and place is done manually, and the attaching is done automatically by the equipment.

1. 2 Suitable for attaching products from 1.0 inch to 7 inch. It can only be used for attaching of one LCD at one time.

2.Machine structure:

2.1 Equipment unit:

1)Machine Frame.

2)Bonding head system..

3)ACF system unit.

5)Panel platform

6)ACF cutting unit

7)ACF peeling unit

8)Device operation interface: HMI Touch screen

2.2 Work platform:

1)Panel size: Min: 1.0 inch  Max: 7.0 inch

2)FPC size :Min: L10*W6  Max: L300*W100mm

3:Unit Description

3.1 Machine performance:

1)Equipment capacity (C/T: cycle time): 4sec/pc,800pcs/H,

2)Rate of qualified products: ≥99

3.2 Process parameter control

1)Parameter setting: setting on the HMI, for example: hot pressing time/motor speed, etc.

2)Touch screen password lock: have password function.  

Three layers of password functions, for Supplier, Engineer, operator

3.3 Special requirements:

3.3.1 Process flow:

  1) Manually place the Panel on the Panel platform.

  2) Press the vacuum button of Panel platform , Panel is attached to the Panel platform.

  3) Press the start button with both hands, Panel platform Move forward to the attacing position,

    and the thermal head will drop down.

  4) The hot pressing head heats the ACF on the Panel, After the fixed hot pressing time is up, the hot pressing head rises and peels off, The device peels off the ACF.

  5) The Panel platform moves back to the loading position, the same time, When the ACF rolls over the set length, and finish cutting..

  6) Manually remove the attached product

  7) The attachment of the second product repeats the above 1)~6)A step of

3.3.2 Features:

  1) Parameters (such as: hot pressing time / ACF attaching length Degree, etc.) can be set on the touch screen, and Touch screen display

  2) The alarm system catalog can be displayed on the touch screen,And can be cleared

3.3.3 Bonding accuracy X: ± 0.2, Y: ± 0.2mm

3.3.5 Panel&FPC One person is loading and unloading at the same position

3.3.6 Product changeover

1) Universal template, made of anti-static and anti-scratch materials

2) When replacing a new product, the adjustment time is about 20min

4.Electrical requirements:

4.1 Control System: PLC: Delta, for program modification

4.2 Solenoid valve :AIRTAC

4.3 Pressure regulating valve combination: AIRTAC

4.4 Power switch button: HAVE

4.5 Cylinder: AIRTAC

4.6 Motor: Taiwan brand

4.7 Buzzer: Have. The machine has any errors or needs to be mentioned, When the operator wakes up, the buzzer alarm works

4.8 Circuit protection

1) Mis operation, the machine does not move

2) The machine does not operate after power off.

3) The temperature of the head has upper and lower limits Features.

4.9 Anti-static plug grounding requirements: Need

4.10 Trachea/wire and other signs

1) Wire number identification at both ends of the wire

2) There are signs on both ends of the trachea

3) Complete identification of electrical accessories

4.11 Security:

1) On the right side of the operator standing side, there is an emergency stop button

2) Start with both hands

5 Machine architecture details:

5.1 Dimensions:

1) Machine width: about 600mm

2) Machine depth: about 660mm

3) Machine height: about 1280mm

4) Operating height: 900±10mm

5.2 Machine weight: About 150kg

5.3 Machine color: The surface of the frame is sprayed with oil, the color is Corrugated light yellow palladium, other parts are chrome plated or oxidized

5.4Equipment delivery status: The surface of the equipment is clean and dust-free. Place warning signs where there is danger.

5.5 Machine requirements the work environment : Clean, dust-free, clean room

5.6 Bonding head unit :

1) Number of hot heads: no pre-bonding heads; The press head 1PCS;

2) Drive up and down with the air cylinder.

3) Heating method: constant temperature

4) Temperature setting: RT~200℃,

5) Temperature difference of indenter surface: ± 5℃

6) The pressure adjustment method of the hot head: adjust with a precision pressure regulator

7) Preset pressure accuracy: 0.01MPa,

8) Pressure display: Digital display. unit: MPa, kgf/cm²,bar,psi optional

9) Hot head output: 15240N,

10) Indenter size:maxL250*W4.0

11) Thermocouple model: K Type

12) Hot pressing time setting: 0.1 ~ 99.0Sec

13) The indenter has anti-fall device

14) Anti-scald device

   15) Anti-scald device

   16) The indenter has a hand-rolled silica gel device: Front and back roll

   17) The surface flatness of the indenter5 um

5.7 ACF system unit:

   1) The outer diameter of the ACF loaded wheel: MAX 150mm (to a roll of 200mm ACF)

   2) Inner diameter of ACF loaded wheel: MAX 18/25.4mm

   3) The width of ACF: 1~6.0mm

   4) ACF type: two or three layers

   5) ACF cutting depth adjustment method: Differential head, resolution 0.01mm

   6) ACF attachment length: 4~250mm

5.8 Panel platform:

   1) Single-station dual-rail cylinder drive.

   2) Diameter of platform vacuum hole: 1.0Or 1.2

   3) Adjustment distance in Z direction: -2.02.0 mm

   4) Platform material: Hard magnesium aluminum General template design for the platform.

5.9 ACF cutting unit:

   1) Shearing is adjustable in Y direction

   2) ACF cutting method: half cut

   3) Scissors drive mode: cylinder

   4) Scissors balance adjustment method: screw

5.10.Peeling unit:

   1) The peeling bar moves left and right

   2) Drive mode of the stripping rod: Cylinder


6 Energy requirements:

6.1 power supply

1) 1Phase AC220V/50Hz/300W

2) The power cord and compressed air line are in the lower side of the back of the machine

Part of the opening (the diameter of the hole 40~ 50mm) is drawn out, 2m cable.

6.2 Compressed air

1) Tracheal color: transparent

2) Tracheal diameter: 10mm

3) There is a 2m long outside the machine 10mm trachea, at the end of the trachea Connected with a quick connector, used to communicate with the factory Air connection

4) Working air pressure: 0.4~0.7MPa

5) Air consumption: ≈120L/min

6.3 Vacuum

1) Vacuum control method: vacuum button

2) Vacuum consumption: ≈24L/min

3) Color of vacuum tube: yellow


7.1 Wooden carton size: 70*75*150CM

7.2 Weight: About 180kg