UP and Down alignment FOG/FOB bonding machine OL-F006

FOG bonding machine,FPC bonding machine, FOB bonding machine, Flex cable bonding machine, PCB bonding machine,

  • 型号:
  • 型号: OL-F006

UP and Down alignment FOG/FOB bonding machine OL-F006

上下对位FOG热压机 (OL-F006)

Machine Specification (Model Number:OL-F006):

1. Machine function:

This equipment is a UP and Down alignment manual constant temperature bonding machine, which is connected the FPC/Zebra paper on the PCB/Glass with the conductive film (ACF) attached.

For aligning bonding equipment, the pick and place and alignment of PCB/Panel are done manually, and bonding is done automatically by the equipment. Suitable for 1"12" flat glass and flexible screen products bonding.

2.Machine structure:

2.1 Equipment unit:

1)Machine Frame.

2)Bonding head system: main-bonding 2SETS.

3)Anti-falling device for bonding head.2SET

4)CCD unit, 4 SETS , 2 for down alignment.2 for Up Alignment

5)Panel/PCB platform movable: 2SETS

6)FPC platform 2SETS

7)Rolls of silicone tape 2SETS

8)Device operation interface: HMI Touch screen 1SET

2.2 Work platform:

1)Panel size: Min: 1.0 inch  Max: 12.0 inch

2)FPC size :Min: L5*W15  Max: L90*W60mm

3:Unit Description

3.1 Machine performance:

1)Equipment capacity (C/T: cycle time): FPC: 12sec/pc,250-300pcs/H,6000pcs/day, 20hrs/day.

2)Rate of qualified products: FPC≥98

3.2 Process parameter control

1)Parameter setting: setting on the HMI, for example: hot pressing time/motor speed, etc.

2)Touch screen password lock: have password function.

3.3 Special requirements:

3.3.1 Process flow:

1) Manually place the Panel on the Panel workbench

2) Press the vacuum button of the Panel workbench, Panel is attached to the Panel workbench

3) Place the zebra paper/FPC to be hot pressed on the FPC workbench

, And initially positioned with the Panel and vacuum adsorption.

4) The operator looks at the display on the MONITOR to perform alignment work.

5) The operator presses the start button with both hands, the platform enters, and the bonding head presses down.

6) After the hot pressing time , the hot pressing head rises and the hot pressing ends.

7) Manually remove the hot-pressed Module

8) Repeat 1~7 to do the next product

3.3.2 Features:

1) Parameters (such as: hot pressing time/cleaning time/roll silicone length/silicone

Scroll frequency, etc.) can be set on the touch screen and displayed on the touch screen

2) The directory of the alarm system can be displayed on the touch screen and can be cleared

3.3.3 Pitch Suitable for PITCH ≥20um

3.3.4 Bonding accuracy X: ± 0.01, Y: ± 0.01mm

3.3.5 Panel&FPC One person is loading and unloading at the same position

3.3.6 Product changeover

1) Universal template, made of anti-static and anti-scratch materials

2) When replacing a new product, the adjustment time is about 10min

4.Electrical requirements:

4.1 Control System: PLC: Delta, for program modification

4.2 Solenoid valve :AIRTAC

4.3 Pressure regulating valve combination: AIRTAC

4.4 Power switch button: HAVE

4.5 Cylinder: AIRTAC

4.6 Motor: NO

4.7 Buzzer: Have. The machine has any errors or needs to be mentioned, When the operator wakes up, the buzzer alarm works

4.8 Circuit protection

1) Misoperation, the machine does not move

2) The machine does not operate after power failure

4.9 Anti-static plug grounding requirements: Need

4.10 Trachea/wire and other signs

1) Wire number identification at both ends of the wire

2) There are signs on both ends of the trachea

3) Complete identification of electrical accessories

4.11 Security:

1) On the right side of the operator standing side, there is an emergency stop button

2) Start with both hands

5 Machine architecture details:

5.1 Dimensions:

1) Machine width: about 850mm

2) Machine depth: about 880mm

3) Machine height: about 1460mm

4) Operating height: 800±10mm

5.2 Machine weight: About 280kg

5.3 Machine color: The surface of the frame is sprayed with oil, the color is Corrugated light yellow palladium, other parts are chrome plated or oxidized

5.4Equipment delivery status: The surface of the equipment is clean and dust-free. Place warning signs where there is danger.

5.5 Machine requirements the work environment : Clean, dust-free, clean room

5.6 Bonding head unit :

1) Number of hot heads: no pre-bonding heads; The press head 2PCS;

2) Drive up and down with the air cylinder. The height of the press head from the Panel is

about 60mm.

3) Heating method: pulse heating

4) Temperature setting: RT~400℃,

5) Temperature difference of indenter surface: ± 5℃

6) The pressure adjustment method of the hot head: adjust with a precision pressure regulator

7) Preset pressure accuracy: 0.01MPa, 0.01kgf/cm², 0.01bar, 0.1psi

8) Pressure display: Digital display. unit: MPa, kgf/cm²,bar,psi optional

9) Hot head output: 15300N,

10)Bonding head size: customized according to the requirements of the user unit (90*1.0 )

11) Thermocouple model: K Type

12) Hot pressing time setting: 0.1 ~ 99.0Sec

13) The indenter has anti-fall device

14) Anti-scald device

15) Material of pressure head: Tungsten steel/SU440C

16) Adjustment method of indenter parallelism: adopt jacking adjustment,

Stable and high sensitivity.

5.7 Backup section

1) For LCD, Material: Crystal gall strip (for glass side)

2) For PCB, Material: high quality carbon die steel ,RT~150

5.8 CCD Image unit :

1) 2 CCD alignment under the platform installation and 2 CCD down ,

2) CCD Camera 1/3 B/W

3) Overall magnification: FPC: LENS 2X,

4) CCD center distance: 1090mm

5) Light source system: lens with coaxial light, with LED on the top light source,

6) Monitor: 1 monitor screen 10.1inch (optional)

7) CCD adjustment range (single): X: 10110mm  Y: 10mm,  Z: 10mm

8) CCD fixing frame adopts X, Y, Z structure adjustment

5.9 Panel platform unit :

1) Double station, fixed platform respectively

2) Diameter of platform vacuum hole: 1.2

3) Adjustment distance in Z direction: -5.05.0 mm Adjust with lift.

4) Platform material: Hard magnesium aluminum

5) Platform general template design, positioning block positioning (FR4),Replaceable, positioning after Panel.

6) Flatness of template: ≤0.05 mm

5.10 FPC platform unit:

1) Diameter of platform vacuum hole: 1.0

2) X/Y/θ/Z direction adjustment method: use micrometer Adjuster

3) X/Y direction adjustment distance: 010.0mm

4) Z direction adjustment distance (adjust with screws): -2.02.0 mm

5) θ direction adjustment angle: ± 3°

6) Platform material: Hard magnesium aluminum

7) Platform common template design, replaceable

6 Energy requirements:

6.1 power supply

1) 1Phase AC220V/50Hz/1200W

2) The power cord and compressed air line are in the lower side of the back of the machine

Part of the opening (the diameter of the hole 40~ 50mm) is drawn out, 1.5m cable.

6.2 Compressed air

1) Tracheal color: transparent

2) Tracheal diameter: 8mm

3) Working air pressure: 0.4~0.7MPa

4) Air consumption: ≈220L/min

6.3 Vacuum

1) Vacuum control method: vacuum button

2) Vacuum consumption: ≈160L/min

3) Color of vacuum tube: yellow


7.1 Wooden carton size: 95*98*165CM

7.2 Weight: About 350kg


本设备为手动热压机,是在已贴附好导电膜(ACF)的 Panel上为连接 FPC而进行对位Bonding的设备,Panel的取放、对位是手工完成,Bonding是设备自动完成。
适合于 1"~12"的 Panel 热压.


本设备为手动热压机,是在已贴附好导电膜(ACF)的 Panel上为连接 FPC而进行对位Bonding的设备,Panel的取放、对位是手工完成,Bonding是设备自动完成。
适合于 1"~12"的 Panel 热压.
















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